About Us


To know us better is to know our philosophy, which we have summarised below, the full statement is available on our notice board. We are a flexible facility and we respect each individual's privacy. We wish all those living here to feel comfortable to be themselves in their new home and aim to provide the best possible nursing care.


An aged care facility is not a hospital. We endeavour to ensure a homelike, personalised environment is provided for all. We encourage all residents to retain their identity, values and individuality. We believe it is important for people to maintain their personal and intimate friendships and be facilitated to create new ones within the nursing home. Hence visitors are welcomed and a supportive social environment is promoted.

We believe everyone has the absolute right to be treated with respect, dignity and experience pleasure and satisfaction.

Staff ensure residents are encouraged to maintain their independence and personal freedom as much as possible. Residents have the right to come and go as they wish, be facilitated to practice religious or cultural customs, manage their affairs and exercise choices about all aspects of their life.


When a person is admitted to the facility, the Charge Nurse will make a time to discuss with you your care and social needs. We encourage people to bring their favourite belongings to the home such as doona, television, photographs and personal mementos, to personalise the room as much as possible. We ask that every item be clearly marked.

You will need to bring your medicare, pensioner and entitlement cards, ambulance subscriber details and private health fund details if applicable.

You will be asked to read and sign the Resident Agreement form provided to you. You may wish to nominate someone else to do this. This agreement outlines both our and your responsibilities whilst living here.