Outings are regularly organised. Please look for details on the notice board regarding dates and payment required for those who wish to go. The activities co-ordinator will also tell you about these when she sees you each day.

In summer, weather permitting, regular BBQs are arranged for residents and families enjoyment. Families and friends are encouraged to use the facility for special occasions or family gatherings of any type to ensure their friend or relative is facilitated to join in.

Regular dances and singalongs are organised by the activities co-ordinator in the facility's lounge areas. Every special occasion such as birthdays and holidays, are celebrated and everyone is encouraged to join in.

An organised program of craft, music, games, cooking, special teas, discussion groups etc. operates five to six days a week. On admission everyone is asked about their interests, hobbies or social contacts which they wish to continue and a program for each individual is created from this.

Everyone is free to participate in any activities as much or as little as they wish. Nursing staff will also organise activities outside of the activities staff hours as required.

We encourage family and friends to participate in activities or take residents out as often as is wished. You will be asked to fill out a leave form which is kept at the nurses desk when you are leaving the premises so we know who is present In the home at all times.

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