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Your daily fee is calculated by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services. You will be advised of this amount by them, it can take up to two months for this information to be made available. In the meantime, the facility will need to invoice you for the Department approved daily amount and any overpayments will be immediately credited to your account when this information is available.
Residents are encouraged to control their own finances. Accounts are sent to the person nominated by the resident. If assistance is required, the Director of Nursing can advise about the Public Advocate division of the Guardianship Board.


A Resident/Advocate Information folder is present in the foyer for your use at any time. The Commonwealth Departments information sheets will be kept in here for you to read and any other information relevant to your stay in the home. On admission you will be shown this folder, you can ask to see this folder at any time.


As aged care facilities now charge accommodation bonds, this facility's bond needs to be discussed with you. Accommodation Bonds will be calculated with the amount of your assets in mind, you must be left with a certain amount of money and the brochure from the department will explain all these details. These figures are set by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services.


There are no fixed visiting hours. We encourage family and friends to keep in touch with regular visits. If a visit is wished before 10.30 am. and after 9.00 pm, we request that visitors telephone first to ensure a relative or friend is ready. The front door is locked at night, visitors wishing to visit during the night may do so by ringing the door bell.