Our Facilities



You are encouraged to have your own medical practitioner visit. However if they do not visit locally, the Director of Nursing can recommend a local medical practitioner who visits us regularly.


Medications are administered as necessary by registered nursing staff. They are acquired from a pharmacy which supplies the facility or from one of your own choice.


Various assessments of your care needs and abilities are undertaken during your stay so that the nursing home staff provide you with care that is relevant to your needs. Care Plans are developed and you and/or your family, as you wish, will be consulted about what is written on care plans. These are reviewed every day, so that as your needs or wishes change, so do the details on the care plans. This helps all staff know your current care needs or wishes. Please let us know when you want changes to your care, or when your preferences change.


Occasions may arise when you need to visit a specialist, such as an optometrist or cardiologist. Where possible, we ask relatives or friends to accompany you to the appointment. If this is not possible alternate arrangements can be made for the specialists visit.


Residents need to choose their own dentist. Please feel free to visit them, or we may be able to arrange the dentist to visit the home. Payment for any dental work is the responsibility of the individual. As many people live in the home, please note that all dentures must be well marked PRIOR to admission to the facility to prevent loss.


The home has a physiotherapist who visits weekly to prescribe and provide individual programs for residents. Staff attend to daily programs as prescribed by the physiotherapist.


A podiatrist services residents every six weeks. Speech therapist and dietician attend to the residents as required.


The activities co-ordinator organises many groups and volunteers in the community to visit the facility. They include:
• Musicians and singers
• The Returned Soldiers League for residents wishing a visit
• Library books from the local library are collected each week for residents
• Other groups on special occasions


Residents are encouraged to continue their religious practices and the staff are more than happy to contact spiritual advisors or ministers to visit as residents wish.


Meals are cooked on the premises by our cook. We aim to provide a well balanced diet which residents like. The menu is discussed with residents at their meetings, and it is displayed in the dining room. Meals are served at 8 am, 12 mid-day, and 5 pm, supplemented with morning and afternoon tea and supper. We are able to cater for everyone's likes and dislikes or special diets that may be required, you will be asked for this information when you arrive. Whenever necessary, individual's dietary needs will be discussed and changed or special advice can be sought by a dietician if necessary.


There is no charge for laundering of personal clothing. As clothes are washed commercially, it is recommended that woollen jumpers are washed at home if possible. As storage space is limited within the facility we ask that arrangements be made with relatives or friends to store clothing unlikely to be required. All items of clothing must be dearly labelled with cloth labels*. Please remember items of clothing are laundered frequently thus undergo greater wear and tear. Please feel free to regularly check wardrobes for items that require replacing or mending. The Director of Nursing or Charge Nurse may ask you to replace items of clothing from time to time, please feel free to discuss this with them.
*We can arrange this at a nominal cost.