Abberfield Aged Care Facility

"Where caring is a privelege and never a burden"

Welcome to Abberfield Aged Care Facility. We are a fully accredited government subsidised facility located close to Sandringham hospital.

Abberfield Aged Care Facility commenced in 1960, as a 14 bed Victorian House for the elderly in Carr st Elsternwick. We expanded in 1998 to 28 beds still located in Elsternwick. In 2006, we moved to our current location in Sandringham with a 66 bed facility. We have had the same manager, proprietor since 1988.

Abberfield can provide care for Ageing in place for prospective clients who are assessed for Low or High care accommodation by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS).


We realise that this is a difficult and anxious time for you and we hope that the following information will help to put you at ease.

With qualified nursing staff present twenty-four hours a day to provide quality nursing care for all residents at the facility.

To know us better is to know our philosophy, which we have summarised here, the full statement is available on our notice board. We are a flexible facility and we respect each individual's privacy. We wish all those living here to feel comfortable to be themselves in their new home and aim to provide the best possible nursing care.



We endeavour to ensure a homelike, personalised environment is provided for all... philosophy

Fees are calculated by the Commonwealth Dept of Health & Family

We ensure that regular outings and activities are organised for all of our residents...activities